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Lighthouse Financial—Solutions For Wealth Management


Wealth management is a very important aspect of planning for a safe and secure future. It is also something that  actually helps you to manage that nest egg which you worked hard to accumulate. Lighthouse Financial is a company  that provides such services to their clients. This is a privately held company, whose well-trained financial experts work with clients to bring order and direction into their investments and finance. Other than private companies, most banks and many insurance companies offer these services. The private firms are still the better option as they provide a wider range of strategies to choose from.


Wealth management is not just comprised of creating a financial portfolio. It is much larger than that. Kenneth Brackett and Lighthouse Financial provide clients with an orientation towards their goals. With long meaningful discussions, the client’s plan for  the future is brought into focus. It is based on each client’s need and Ken Brackett insists that there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Every  client is different and has different concepts regarding the future. Lighthouse Finance is sensitive to this and each portfolio is specific to that client’s risk profile, time horizon, liquidity needs, etc.


The team that Kenneth Brackett put together does not just sell positions as most broker dealers do. They craft a portfolio; they follow through on the investments and keep track of every move the client’s money is making. Asset allocation is addressed from the very onset and the Portfolio Protection Strategy is offered to all clients so that they will not have to have unlimited losses in the market. They also give the client sound advice regarding tax reduction options and debt management.


Wealth management services at Lighthouse Financial include tax planning, asset management and protection, retirement planning, insurance planning, succession planning, estate planning, and debt management etc. Each of these requires specialized attention. Most clients appreciate this global perspective where every facet is considered. Investment advice without also addressing taxes, would be short sighted. The client is given a complete education regarding each of the categories just to ensure that they have a clear picture of what to expect. This makes it easier to enter into the next step of management, as it is a team effort. Most clients want someone else to make all the decisions but it is important that the clients have a general idea as to why certain investments are more suitable. Once the portfolio is in place, there will be constant follow up to ensure that all is running smoothly.


As more and more people are realizing the importance of wealth management, more and more companies like Lighthouse Financial are cropping up. People should keep in mind that not all of these are genuine and provide the services they promise. This is why Lighthouse Financial leads the pack in customer satisfaction, with no complaints on the Better Business Bureau. This makes it easier to be able to identify the best companies like Lighthouse Financial.



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